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A simple implementation of the OWL2 RL Profile, as well as a basic RDFS inference, on top of RDFLib. Based mechanical forward chaining. The distribution contains:

OWL-RL: the Python library. You should copy the directory somewhere into your PYTHONPATH. Alternatively, you can also run the python setup.py install script in the directory.

  • scripts/RDFConvertService: can be used as a CGI script to invoke the library. It may have to be adapted to the local server setup.
  • scripts/owlrl: script that can be run locally on to transform a file into RDF (on the standard output). Run the script with -h to get the available flags.

The package requires Python version 3.5 or higher; it depends on RDFLib; version 4.2.2 or higher is required. If you need the python 2.7.x compatible version, see the @/py2 branch in this repository.

For the details on RDFS, see the RDF Semantics Specification; for OWL 2 RL, see the OWL 2 Profile specification.

View the OWL-RL documentation online: http://owl-rl.readthedocs.io/

To view the changelog for this software library, see CHANGELOG.rst.

This software is released under the W3C© SOFTWARE NOTICE AND LICENSE. See LICENSE.txt.